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Autumn Polish

I spend a lot of time—probably too much—shopping online.  Most of the pieces that end up on my wish lists go un-purchased due to the sheer volume versus my budget.  I’m also trying to avoid impulse buys and the buyer’s remorse that always follows them. But, from time to time, there are pieces that I can’t delay purchasing, items I know are more than just a passing fancy.  Case in point:  these fantastic slacks.


Houndstooth is a classic pattern; these slacks will look great paired with a silky cami for summer, an off-the-shoulder blouse on date night, or a blazer for something a little more professional.

2016-11-03-houndstooth05 2016-11-03-houndstooth02

The autumn chill kissing my cheeks reminded me that, while the summer look sounds fabulous, it was perhaps not so practical for this time of year.  Recently I pulled my warm turtlenecks out in anticipation of the temperature drop, what better time to give one of them the attention it so rightly deserves?


It’s not a very busy look, but it’s versatile, comfortable, and polished.  Any outfit that ticks all three boxes is one I’m going to wear again and again.


Guess who had a little audience while taking outfit photos?  Because I’m actually pretty shy, I caught a bad case of the giggles.


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