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Hello, Layers

Over the last month, Nature has been showing off her autumn palette in splendid fashion. All through the city, the trees were sporting rich golds and fiery tones. In the last week, the temperature has taken a significant drop, so much so that today we had our first snow flurry. Of course, none of it stuck, but it was still nice to wake up to. Sadly, the leaves I’ve been admiring have started to abandon the trees and, as they layer down, I need to layer up.


Each autumn and spring I go through my wardrobe and figure out if I need to do any essentials shopping. My black pumps are still kicking and my scarf collection was replenished earlier this year, but my favorite pair of jeans had to be retired to the sewing scrap box. While the hunt for a new pair didn’t land me the perfect jeans—I’m still looking, if anyone has suggestions—I managed to stumble across this fantastic faux leopard coat.

I’ve never owned such a daring piece before, but even just trying it on made me feel bold. Leopard print is popular for all sorts of clothing and accessories, so I’m confident it’ll be stylish and on trend for years to come.


Speaking of trends, velvet was all over the runways for this season. I’m excited as the soft, luxe fabric adds so much to an outfit. I’m loving the contrast of this shredded, velvet scarf against the leopard print.


Thanks so much for reading. Stay warm & stylish.

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