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The Little Black Dress

I know I’m not alone in the belief that holiday parties are a fantastic excuse to get dressed up.  I made the trek to a few far-flung shops over the weekend and, despite having a large selection, nothing quite struck my fancy.  I had two choices:  resign myself to pink ruffles—not the good kind—or go the route of creating something.

Obviously, I didn’t settle for the ruffles.

14-11-2016-holiday04 14-11-2016-holiday05

What I wanted was a little black dress that was both feminine and sexy, and I think this fits the bill.  The great thing about making a dress yourself is that if you love certain features, for me that’s the off-the-shoulder look, you can just make it happen.

When I slid into the finished dress, I felt stunning.  It hugs all the right places; I think I may need another, maybe in red or green.


What I love about little black dresses is that they’re a blank canvas; you can easily transform them with the right accessories.  There are so many styling choices, and I’m looking forward to re-accessorizing this lovely piece in the future.

For now, I chose to pair the dress with a simple black heel; I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:  black pumps are a must!  Because the dress and heels are both understated, I opted on oversized, but still tasteful, faux diamond earrings.  I’m thinking this might be my New Years party look this year.


Thank you for reading, and happy holidays!

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