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Tall Boots

It’s been a rough couple of days, I’m afraid I’m feeling a little under the weather (uh oh).  I’m hoping some honey tea, plenty of rest, and being wrapped up in this nice warm blanket for a few days will do the trick.  My poor guy is having to run all of the errands, I hate leaving it to him.  Today I ventured out myself, just to the pharmacy to see what they had in the way of sore throat relief available.  Fingers crossed this passes soon, in the meantime I’ll be enjoying the snow from the comfort of our couch.

Anyway, for those of us not lucky enough to live in a tropical, or even moderately warm, climate this time of year figuring out stylish outfits, while fending off sore throats (ahem), can be a bit of a challenge.  Between the elements and the layers, it can easily turn into a bulky mess.

This time of year, I wear my boots a lot; comfortable and effortlessly stylish, just how I like it.  Not only that, but they add a layer of warmth on my lower limbs that I appreciate.

I’m surprised, but I’ve actually only worn them once on the blog, paired with my layered wool leggings.  While that’s a nice look, over the weekend I decided to try pairing the boots with a long skirt and a sheer pair of tights.

Overall, I like the look, though despite best efforts, I was still a little chilly—maybe this is best for autumn/spring rather than the dead of winter, approaching our coldest month.  I have no idea how other ladies manage miniskirts with boots this time of year—I’m not that brave.

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