Repainted OOAK Made to move Asian and Festival Fashionista Barbie
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Introducing Willow

Repainted by the incredibly talented Betty, the woman behind all the little dolls, Willow was originally a “Festival Barbie” from the Fashion Look series of 2016.  Both Eve and Anne sport made to move bodies, whereas this doll has a fashionista figure.  As it turns out, there are some significant differences that I didn’t notice before I began posing her.

There’s less overall articulation, for one thing.  Sadly, her elbow joints don’t bend quite enough for her hands to be able to touch her face.  The ankles lack a joint altogether, which leaves her feet in the forced-arch position, meaning she can’t really wear flats (poor girl!).  Her torso is a single piece, which limits posing in a very minor way; it’s also a bit shorter than her made to move cousins, but she’s still taller.  Her waist is significantly smaller, and her hips are slimmer.  Items like Eve’s perfect jeans seen here and here are downright baggy on her.  Thankfully, most of the other clothes fit just fine.

The downsides to the doll, however, were easily outweighed by her beautiful Aphrodite face sculpt and her long, golden tresses.  She also sports delicate painted nails, and her hands are much more detailed than generic made to move dolls, though they’re not as nice as those that come on fashion royalty.  Ideally, I’d like her to have more articulation, but re-bodying her onto a made to move doll would mean less variety, and that’s something I appreciate, even if it means limited posing.

Like with Anne, I don’t have a fully fleshed out backstory or solid plans for Willow just yet, beyond her being a close friend with Eve.

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