Repainted OOAK Superman Figure from Batman v Superman
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Introducing Cole

I started looking for an articulated male doll not too long after Eve’s arrival, I wanted her to have a significant other that could actually wrap his arms around her.  It was a bit of a hunt as they’re rarer than their female counterparts.  I eventually ordered a Superman doll, from the Batman Vs Superman set.  Unfortunately, as with Anne and Willow, had he been left as he was his face would have looked extremely fake and plastic posing with Eve.

Once again, the talented artist behind all the little dolls came through for me.  I asked her to make his hair less shiny and to “scruffify” him with ample facial hair.  The results speak for themselves; needless to say, I’m pleased.

Now he has a fantastic face, but what about the rest?  Well, if you’re looking for a doll that can stand on his own, without much fuss at all, this may be the figure for you.  I have a lot of trouble getting Eve to stand on her own, though I’ve seen other people manage it with their made to move dolls—I guess I just don’t have the magic touch.  But this guy makes it look easy!

He also has quite a bit of articulation, though his arms don’t lift over his head due to the limited shoulder joint, and like fashion dolls, his torso is one solid piece—though that doesn’t limit things much.

Because Cole is based on a superhero character—which, correct me if I’m wrong, means he’s an action figure rather than a doll?  The line is blurry in this case—not only are his hands permanently fists, but he’s also extremely muscular.  His thighs are massive, as are his arms.  While this might increase his chances of being part of a hunky guy calendar, I have a feeling it’s going to make finding him clothes challenging.

Betty was kind enough to send him with a dress shirt, vest, jeans, and a pair of shoes.  This camouflages his bulk a bit, which is a good thing as I think it’s a bit over the top.  I have a feeling I may end up sewing a lot for him if he needs an outfit for specific pictures.

Like Anne and Willow, for now he’s more of a background character.


  • You’re most welcome! I really need to get myself one

  • You artist did a great job! He is great! Also, of all the guys I won he is the most handsome, and his muscular body is very common with young guys now.

    • I’m sure Betty will be pleased to hear it 😀 I think she did a great job as well!

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