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Easy Playscale Mini Decor

Since I’ve re-embraced my love of all things playscale (1:6 miniatures), I’ve started seeing things differently and re-imagining various items. So, this week’s photo challenge, “repurpose”, was right up my ally.

Similar to the shelves in my own home, Eve’s shelves are adorned with decorative elephants:

Playscale miniature book shelf with re-purposed jewelry as miniature decorative elephants

Originally, the larger of the two was a necklace pendant, and the smaller of the two was part of a pair of earrings. The elephants I myself have are part of the Elephant Parade replica series, where 20% of the net profits are donated to elephant welfare and conservation projects.

In Eve’s world, these are decorative vases containing greenery:

Playscale miniature DIY re-purposed knobs to vases and fish tank greenery

They are, in actuality, small knobs with the screws and hinges removed. The plants are fish-tank escapees, longing for a less soggy existence.

An egg holder becomes a mixing bowl, a bottle-cap with a little glue becomes a pie, and a picture frame becomes a glass coffee table:

Playscale miniature repurposed DIY barbie Pie from bottle cap and glue, egg holder repurposed to mixing bowl, repurposed picture frame as a glass table

It’s all about perspective. While some of these items may not start off in the most glamorous fashion, I appreciate their contribution to fleshing out Eve’s world.


  • I have a friend that is constantly searching for miniatures, though hers are slightly larger, teddy bear size. She has an entire room set up that is teddy bear scale and her furry friend, which is a marmot, has an entire wardrobe. I find these kind of collections to be fascinating! Great work at repurposing too.

    • I’m so jealous, I wish I had an entire room to set up for my dolls, I’d build them a little town. Oh, the possibilities. Nice to hear I’m not the only adult toy fanatic out there 😉 . Thank you for the visit and the comment.

  • great stuff!

    • Thanks, I hope you find some of it helpful in your doll adventures 😀

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