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Winterizing A Summer Dress

Anne posted this lovely bohemian maxi dress on her summer style Pinterest board and I immediately started stalking it online, it was the perfect birthday present for her. While under normal circumstances prompt delivery is something I appreciate, not so much in this case. You see, I’m not the greatest at keeping surprises to myself; in fact, I suck at it. So, when the dress arrived about three weeks ago, with her birthday still being months away, it meant I had to do battle with my desire to give her a super early present every time we saw each other—which is daily. Absolute torture.

However, my determination not to ruin the surprise was steadfast!

OOAK Redhead Made to Move Repainted Barbie wearing Purple Boho Summer Maxi Dress

And it lasted about three weeks, which is twenty days longer than Cole had thought possible. To be fair, it wasn’t entirely my fault, ahem.

Sunday, we stumbled on this little boutique and decided to pop in briefly.  This was a mistake.  They were featuring a skirt with nearly identical print to the would-be-birthday dress, and it caught her eye in a big way.  Typical.  Before I knew it, she was on her phone, longingly eyeballing the dress again.  Despite my best efforts to distract and derail her, she had gone so far as putting it in her shopping basket before we finally got back to my place.  Erg.

One improvised cupcake with a candle, combined with yours truly singing “happy pre-birthday to you” later, she had her dress.

What choice did she give me?

OOAK Redhead Made to Move Repainted Barbie wearing Pink Retro Coat

While she was surprised, what with her birthday being months away she obviously would be, and she’s thrilled with the dress, it’s a little chilly to use it right now. So, earlier this week we decided to do our best to winterize it. An unseen layer of wool leggings goes a long way to warming up any long maxi skirt; thankfully, it’s lined, which means no snagging fabrics or static electricity problems.

Anne has a great eye for retro pieces, so we added this faux fur trimmed, blush coat to the mix—so pretty in pink.  That still left us with the challenge of a plunging neckline.  A scarf helps to keep out the chill, but it’s not a perfect solution.  Still, she’ll survive the walk to and from the metro, and she’ll look absolutely stunning while doing so.

OOAK Redhead Made to Move Repainted Barbie wearing Pink Retro Coat and scarf

Thank you, Anne, for letting me feature you in today’s post.

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