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Wonderful Valentine’s

Cole humored me earlier and posed for a few outfit photos; I’m glad he did, it’s a rare thing when I get to post about men’s fashion.  He chose to pattern mix today because he felt it looked good together—and he’s absolutely right.  He looks particularly dashing in this vest, doesn’t he?  It’s such a great way to add polish to a simple shirt and jeans combination.

I went the safe route and chose a cocktail dress.  It’s a bit on the low-cut side for me, but it’s comfortable and I like the fit.  I couldn’t resist the soft, beautiful pink fabric.  I embraced the simplicity of the dress, and how delicate I felt in it, and decided to pair it with classic, white pearl accessories.

As it happens, I’m not the only one who’s terrible at keeping secrets.  We’d just about finished taking outfit photos, at which point we were supposed to head out to dinner, when Cole got down on one knee and asked me an important question…


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