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Crisp & Clean: Weekend Style

March has arrived and the new season is officially on the way; we had our first glimmer of it on Saturday.  The grey blanket of clouds parted ever so slightly, showing off a blue sky beyond, and the strong, cold wind relaxed into an almost delicate breeze.  Dappled sunlight flooded through our bay doors and windows, and warmed our little part of the city ever so slightly.  It was a nice way to be reminded that, despite the gloom of the last four—nearly five—months, spring is just around the corner.

Unlike my sartorial battle during the colder months where I desperately tried not to fall into full-blown dark hues and blacks, this time I embraced the fresh, clean feeling of spring, and let it dictate my outfit entirely.

This fabulous top was a gift popped in with a recent order from Levitation Fashion—you can see other blouses from the same designer here and here—and it fit the mood of the day perfectly.  The fabric is soft and thin, but not dangerously delicate, and the fit is roomy and comfortable.  I love the contrast of the pastel blue faux collar and the black button detailing.

The soft, blue hues reminded me of the beautiful hyacinths and hydrangeas that crop up each spring, adding small pops of cheerful color to the area.  Like the other two blouses, this is a very feminine, romantic piece.  It’ll be seeing quite a bit of use when the weather warms up a bit more.

While I don’t usually wear white pants for practical reasons—I have a dog that plays in mud and climbs on me and the furniture—they just looked fabulous with this top.

I spent my afternoon enjoying the feel of spring, arranging a few flowers, tidying things up, and I even pulled my Easter tablecloth out a bit early.  What can I say, I’m longing for spring.


  • I like the match between blue blouse and white pants. It looks great together – like spring 🙂

    • Exactly what I was thinking 😀

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