OOAK Made to Move Barbie Wearing Boho Spring OOTD with green and rainbow
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Bohemian Spring

It’s official:  I’ve been letting my whimsy carry me away; first with the expression of spring, and now I’ve fully embraced a boho moment.

Most of my looks start out with something neutral—a blouse, typically—that I can build around and a vibe I’d like to express.  Today, however, was all about the accessories.  It all started with this pretty rainbow scarf.  I tried it on in various ways, but wrapped around my hair won out, and the rest just fell into place.  Don’t you just love it when that happens?

I chose this pair of long, dangling leaf earrings and a matching chunky bracelet, wedges, and popped on a pair of superfluous sunglasses—it’s overcast today—and topped things off with this cute, slouchy tassel bag.  Voila:

It’s an effortless, comfortable, versatile look and one I can highly recommend for anyone who’d like to show off their scarves more often.


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