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St. Patrick’s Day Styling Tips

With St. Patrick’s day just one week away, I thought I’d go ahead and offer my top three styling tips, for those that want to avoid a pinch on the day itself.  As far as fashion choices go, one color rules the day:  green.

Thankfully green is an incredibly versatile color, that comes in many different hues, so it’s flattering for everyone.  Alternatives to the traditional clover green include olive, mint, and forest, just to name a few.  Because it’s such a popular color, it should be easy enough to accommodate a wide range of styles, too.

1:  Start with monochrome—black and white—neutrals; it’s a classic combination, and it’s a great foundation to build on.  Simply add a single, festive green element for the twist.  In this case, I chose an olive utility jacket:

You can also use the same principal for other holidays, like pink or red on Valentine’s Day and the like.  Some might suggest a dash of orange on Halloween, but I think costumes are so much more fun, don’t you?

2:  Select a printed piece with contrasting pops of color; green and pink together is a whimsical combination, and one of my personal favorites.  You can add additional accentuation by accessorizing with more green in the form a necklace, bag, or as I chose to do below, a belt:

White looks great with green, too, if you’re looking for something smart and crisp.

3:  Pair a solid green with a multi-color print that features green in a smaller way.  Even if you’re not a big fan of green, rainbow pieces are a cheerful, friendly nod to the holiday.

I hope you find this list useful, good luck avoiding pinches.

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