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When in Doubt: Camel

I’m so glad the weekend is over!  I know, I know, not a typical point of view, but oh my gosh this weekend was just exhausting.  We got ambitious and decided to assemble, oil treat, and fully set up our entertainment system all on Saturday afternoon.  We have a beautiful new Cherrywood TV stand, new TV, and new speakers—yes, Cole splurged.  While our old TV stand was quite light due to the materials, getting it down multiple flights of stairs was still physically taxing, and the new Cherrywood piece weighed more than I do!  That was really fun to move, just the two of us.  Sunday, I woke up aching and sore.

OOAK Made to Move Barbie Wearing Camel Coat, Wine Blouse, and Houndstooth Slacks

I’m still feeling a bit on the drained side today and, unfortunately, one side effect is a major lack of motivation.  I know we all have days when we open our closet or wardrobe and feel like we have nothing to wear, but lately, this hasn’t been an issue for me.  Today, though, the natural inspiration just wasn’t there.

The best advice I can give for days like this:  fall back on neutrals.

OOAK Made to Move Barbie Wearing Camel Coat, Wine Blouse, and Houndstooth Slacks

Camel is a great, neutral color.  It’s versatile, looks good with just about everything, and it’s flattering on everyone.

I got this lovely trench coat late last summer.  It’s been my go-to outerwear for just about everything, because it’s just so effortlessly chic and comfy.  As I slid into it yet again today, I realized that while I’ve worn it quite a bit off-blog, I haven’t really shown it off here.  It’s such a reliable, day-saving piece, and I highly recommend getting one if you’re looking for an easy, classy way to pull an outfit together.


  • Eve’s so right about that! And the best thing when feeling a bit weary is to wear a favourite fashion piece. And this trench coat looks so comfy, too, not just classical! Plus, I just LOVE those glasses, they’re superbe!

    • There are days when I just feel so blah, it’s nice to have things to fall back on that I know will look good with whatever I toss together. Looked much better than I felt.

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