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Eve’s Makeup Routine

Yesterday I got a fun question from Jess: “Eve is wearing lipstick in one of her posts, did you use actual lipstick on her, or did you repaint her?”

The short answer is “neither”.   The long answer is that there are some incredibly talented artists out there that are able to paint and repaint their dolls with skill, confidence, and ease; I’m not one of them.  I’m also not sure I could manage to get lipstick onto Eve’s tiny lips without smearing it all over her face, and I’d be concerned that removing it might damage her repaint.  I used photoshop for the look that she was wearing a dark, red lip.

Apart from the aforementioned dark lip in this post, I haven’t actually played around with different makeup looks for Eve.  The photos you’ve seen on the blog are as they were taken, though I do tend to tweak overall color.  Still, this question got me thinking, and I decided to toy around in photoshop a bit today.  Here’s what I came up with:

Full Contouring using guide before and after, photoshop makeup effect

In each of the images, the left is the “before” image and it hasn’t been altered.  In the photo above, there’s a basic contouring guide in the center, and to the right is the end result of the contouring in action.  While I like that her face seems lighter, it looks like she might have gone overboard with a bronzer.

Full Contouring, eye color enhancement, and dark eye makeup - photoshop effect

In this photo I kept the contouring and enhanced the color of her eyes.  I also darkened the shading around her eye to make them “pop” a bit more.  I like the look, but again I think I went overboard with the effect just a tad.

Full contouring with eye color adjustment - photoshop makeup effect

I figured, if I could enhance the color of her eyes, maybe I could change it entirely.  What would Eve look like with green eyes?  They’re a bit on the intense side, but it’s a neat look, and it’ll come in handy when/if I do something wild for Halloween in future.

Glossy Lip With Light Eye Shadow and Medium Contouring

In this last photo, I softened the contouring to about half, then tried out a summery look—a glossy lip, a bit too much blush (not intentional), and bright eye shadow colors.  I love the glossy lip, and I think out of each of the looks, it’s my favorite.

As you can see, photoshop allows for plenty of different looks; each one took me between ten and fifteen minutes, and I’m not a pro, far from it.  I like the results in general because I enjoy variety, but I feel like the full contouring actually took away from the realistic quality of her features.  Even so, it’s nice to know I’m able to give her a slightly different look if the mood strikes.


  • Very cool. Did you do the contouring by hand in PS? Or is there a quick tool? I can’t do contouring on my own face, so I suspect I wouldn’t be any better at it in photoshop 🙂

    • I didn’t use any special tools for it, I did it by hand with the paint brush after selecting the colors from the example I worked off of. It’s actually not that difficult, I’ll do a quick tutorial at some point – as long as you’ve got 10-15 minutes (per picture) you’re set. I can’t contour my actual face, either, LOL.

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