Repainted OOAK Made to Move Barbie Wearing White Pointelle Bell Sleeve Blouse, Jeans, and Red Heels
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Pointelle Statement Sleeve Blouse

Lately, I’ve been increasingly drawn to all things ruffle or statement sleeves, or both.  Bell-sleeved tops have been the style that I gravitate toward most.  As you already know, I do a lot of Etsy…let’s say “browsing”.  During a recent trip to the site, I spotted a lovely pointelle dress that featured a dramatic, ruffled, bell sleeve.  Oh my!

Have you ever found something that you liked, but didn’t quite love?  That’s how I felt about the dress.  It had a great neckline, nice fabric, and of course the sleeves were like a siren call, but the lack of versatility caused hesitation.  I didn’t feel like a dress would get as much use as a separate, and I do so love to mix and match.

Repainted OOAK Made to Move Barbie Wearing White Pointelle Bell Sleeve Blouse, Jeans, and Red Heels

Repainted OOAK Made to Move Barbie Wearing White Pointelle Bell Sleeve Blouse, Jeans, and Red Heels

Unlike most commercial brands, Etsy offers you and I—not just the elites of the fashion world—access to the designers themselves.  Now, as I’ve mentioned before, this in no way guarantees that you’ll be able to get exactly what you’re after every time, but you’re at least afforded the option to make a request.

A word of caution:  some designers take it very personally if you ask for an alteration of any kind on their creations; because they consider it like asking a painter to use another style, rather than the one they’ve chosen to express themselves.  I’ve met, and managed to offend, a few, and had some colorful wording tossed my way.  Thankfully, The designer behind this particular shop was amendable to my request to chop off the bottom half of the dress, making it into a darling blouse.

Repainted OOAK Made to Move Barbie Wearing White Pointelle Bell Sleeve Blouse, Jeans, and Red Heels

I just love the detailing on the side of the sleeves, I hadn’t noticed them before I got to see it in person.  Now that I’ve experienced just how well the top fits, photographs, and felt the softness of the fabric, I’m still very seriously considering the dress as well.

While we were taking photos, Krull decided that it was time for his afternoon walk, and photobombed me a few times.  After the umpteenth intrusion—yes, he is that persistent and demanding; we are a well trained pair of humans, who obey his whims—we just decided to take a few shots with him in them.  He’s so darn cuddly, and I really liked the results, so I decided to go ahead and share them.

Felt Playscale Dog with repainted Made to move Barbie wearing pointelle bell sleeve top

Anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


  • I just love that you got this dress altered into a blouse – I’ve managed to find the designer and she’s made some cute outfits.
    And I’m just speechless about the bad experiences you’ve made with some other doll clothes designers… On one hand I can understand the point, because I myself heard several times on doll conventions “Oh, I LOVE this, but I don’t buy it since I’d like it better in red” (enter any color here, except the one that actually IS available *lol*) – but that’s something that happens to me all the time when I’m shopping clothes for myself, too. That’s life.
    What I absolutely CANNOT understand is how one can react impolite and get insulting while faced with a request… There is a quote from “Men in tights” that comes into my mind right now. “Just say -nay!” There might be a time when I have to turn down a custom request, but I will feel sorry about it. And I remember a request, where I replied with “I can’t give you a satisfying result with your request, but I know someone who might succeed”, made the contact and got a lovely message from this client that I had helped him a lot.

    • I’m still considering the dress. I really need to pace my shopping, though, LOL, my wardrobe is already bursting.

      There are some designers who understand that not everyone’s aesthetics are the same, and that sometimes you can meet half way. Other times, not so lucky, but I get it. I mean, if I spent months designing something and bringing it to life, only to have someone ask me to change it, I might be a little bothered, too. But then again, I figure if your design, art, or blog, speak to anyone on any level it’s a victory in itself.

      As to my regular shopping, UHG, I experience the “near miss” constantly—recently I found this really cute skirt, but I’m tall and its just a *little* too short to be the maxi it’s meant to be. There’s also this great denim jacket with lace on it, but it doesn’t quite button right in the bust area (gappy). It’s frustrating, but it happens to everyone.

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