Easter, Holiday

Happy Easter

Even people that don’t celebrate Christmas are aware that a tree is generally decorated and displayed in homes, shopping centers, and public venues.  What’s less well-known, though, is the tradition of some countries decorating trees for Easter.

Unlike Christmas trees, Egg trees are generally a combination of small branches, rather than an actual tree.  Some folks find flowering branches, to give their egg tree an extra touch of spring.  The “trees” are then placed in a vase or flower pot, and festooned with brightly colored, generally fake, egg shells that hang from delicate ribbons.

Imagine my delight at discovering such a whimsical decoration at the local shopping center for the first time.  Cole isn’t especially fond of them, so I haven’t set one up for myself just yet, but I may at some point.

We’ll have capsule wardrobe looks coming tomorrow, I’ve been having some serious computer trouble over the last few days.  We ended up wiping the machine, starting fresh—that was fun (sarcasm)—and I lost so many files that I didn’t back up properly on the cloud.  Erg!  Lesson learned, the hard way.  Thankfully, the PC is still under warranty, so if it decides to misbehave again, I may end up temporarily blogging from my laptop.  Fingers crossed it won’t come to that.

Happy Easter, I hope everyone is enjoying the day.  Be well.


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