OOAK repainted made to move and fashionista barbies wearing Halloween costumes
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Happy Halloween :)

Halloween:  in this gal’s opinion, the best holiday out of the year.  Last year I celebrated by binging scary movies, dressing up in a fabulous costume, and going to Tivoli’s “Monster’s Night out”.  I tried to include my friends in all activities, but only managed to convince Willow, Anne, and Cole to watch the 1990’s version of “IT”.  Sadly, Nomi isn’t a fan of the genre and didn’t join in.

This year, I assumed I’d be on my own again, so you can imagine my surprise when I got an invitation to a costume party, hosted at the art gallery where Nomi works.  Heather couldn’t join us—she’s on vacation, soaking up the sun—but the rest of the gang was present, costumed, and posed for pictures.  It was really nice not to be the only one dressed up this year, and had to ask the everyone about their costumes.  Turns out, everyone liked dressing up – I’m hopeful it’ll become a group tradition.

OOAK repainted black hair made to move barbie wearing Katniss Everdeen Costume

I dressed as Katniss Everdeen from the “Hunger Games” series.  It’s not a perfect replica, but it’s pretty nice all the same, and it’s primarily made of wool so I was nice and warm.  I’m glad my arrows were glued in place, I’m fairly certain I would have left a trail of them behind me otherwise.  Unfortunately, I set my bow down somewhere so I didn’t have it for pictures – it was turned in to the “lost and found” later in the evening.  Oh, well.

OOAK repainted skater made to move barbie wearing JLo concert costume

Nomi glammed it up and came as her WCW, JLo, complete with sequins and sparkles.  I wish I was able to get that kind of volume and body with my hair, she looked great!  She said she was going to be picking glitter out of said voluminous tresses on her deathbed, though, and I got more than a few on me just standing next to her.

OOAK repainted made to move skateboard barbie and OOAK repainted red hair made to move barbie - Halloween Costumes 02

OOAK repainted redhead made to move barbie wearing Agent Phoenix costume

Anne came as Agent Phoenix, who was our JLo’s bodyguard for the evening.  She said she actually felt pretty bad ass (can’t say I blame her), but as you can see, the glitter claimed her as a victim as well.

OOAK repainted Man of Steel doll wearing Man of Steel Costume

Depending on who you ask, Cole either came as Superman, Kalel, or the Man of Steel.  Whatever the title, he looked awesome.  His favorite part about the costume: “It’s like wearing PJs in public”, but lamented that he and others kept tripping over his cape and that the rental boots actually had lifts in them.

OOAK repainted fashionista barbie wearing Daaaahling Diva halloween costume

Willow went all out for this one, coming as an incognito starlet, complete with roleplaying.  She only answered to “Daaahling” and insisted on kissing everyone on the cheek.  When I asked what the downside to her costume was, she said “The Paparazzi, daaaahling.”  There were actually people at the party asking if she was someone famous, I’m curious what the rumor mill churned out.

One sixth scale Storm Trooper Original Star Wars

OOAK repainted black hair made to move barbie wearing Katniss Everdeen outfit, posing with Original Star Wars Storm Trooper

Lastly, the Storm Trooper, aka my secret admirer.  I forwarded him my plus one to the party and his hint for what he’d be coming as was “I’m a little short for one of these”; very cute, a twist on a line from Star Wars.  Unfortunately, the helmet stayed on, so the mystery of who this is continues.  I got a picture with him, but I’m not real sure what is happening with my expression, I swear I wasn’t worried.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures – now get out there and enjoy your Halloween!


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