OOAK repainted made to move and fashionista barbies wearing Halloween costumes
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Happy Halloween :)

Halloween:  in this gal’s opinion, the best holiday out of the year.  Last year I celebrated by binging scary movies, dressing up in a fabulous costume, and going to Tivoli’s “Monster’s Night out”.  I tried to include my friends in all activities, but only managed to convince Willow, Anne, and Cole to watch the 1990’s version of “IT”.

Custom Repainted OOAK Made to Move Black Hair Barbie Wearing Crisp White Shirt and September Birthstone Necklace feat
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Missed my Birthday

It’s been a crazy month for me, and I’m absolutely knackered!  Today is blissfully quiet and plan-free.  I decided to take the opportunity to post an outfit I wore to work Friday, and tell you all about the crazy whirlwind that has become my life.  Not that I’m not enjoying it, mind you, it has plenty of perks.

Work-wise, I’ve been up to my eyeballs and extremely challenged.