Doll Review: 2017 Black Label Queen Hippolyta Doll
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Doll Review: 2017 Black Label Queen Hippolyta Doll

Inspired by the upcoming live-action origin story of “Wonder Woman” due to hit theaters in just a few weeks, Mattel have released three Black Label commemorative Barbie dolls—or should I call them action figures?  The lineup:  Diana, Princess of the Amazons—aka Wonder Woman— General Antiope, and Queen Hippolyta, mother of Diana.

Repainted OOAK Superman Figure from Batman v Superman
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Introducing Cole

I started looking for an articulated male doll not too long after Eve’s arrival, I wanted her to have a significant other that could actually wrap his arms around her.  It was a bit of a hunt as they’re rarer than their female counterparts.  I eventually ordered a Superman doll, from the Batman Vs Superman set.