Plastic to Fantastic Barbie Accessory Makeover Set One DIY Before & After
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From Plastic to Fantastic: Barbie Accessory Makeover

As you’ve undoubtedly noticed by now, I like buying custom pieces for my dioramas (here and here).  I find they add a dash of realism to Eve’s world, while simultaneously offering a little support to the skilled artisans that create them.  That being said, custom pieces, or even pieces that don’t rely heavily on plastic, can be quite expensive.

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Stand Up!

I’m one of those people who is absolutely hopeless at getting her Barbie dolls to stand on their own; I’ve never actually managed to do so, even with bare feet.

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One Man’s Trash

Today brought a surprise with it.
My husband ordered an entirely new entertainment set-up; our TV has been dying over the last few months—randomly turning off, being unable to turn on, etc.—and our ancient sound system wouldn’t be compatible with the new TV that’s on it’s way, so everything is being updated.