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Photo Comparisons

You might have noticed, very recently, that my pictures are a bit different, this is because I’ve decided to start taking pictures with my Nikon D5100, rather than my Samsung Galaxy S7 phone camera.  Not that the Galaxy S7 phone isn’t good, it is, and it’s worlds better than my retired smartphone, but it’s not quite as good as my Nikon.

DIY, Tips and Tricks

Stand Up!

I’m one of those people who is absolutely hopeless at getting her Barbie dolls to stand on their own; I’ve never actually managed to do so, even with bare feet.

Repainted OOAK Made to Move Barbie with Fashion Royalty Hands Hack
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Fashion Royalty Manicure

As I’ve mentioned before, the clothes I tend to be drawn to for Eve are mostly designed for Fashion Royalty—FR for short—dolls.  Eve has a made to move body—MTM for short—which means she’s shorter than her FR cousins, who also happen to sport a much smaller waist, and longer limbs.  I see them quite a bit while looking for outfits, and I admit I’ve run into a bit of jealousy.