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Barbie Earrings and Where to Find Them

I got my first e-mailed question this week, honestly I wasn’t even sure if I had any readers at all, so it’s nice to know you exist, even if there is only one of you.  Thanks for reaching out.

The question: “Where did (I) get the earrings in the ‘Little Black Dress’ post?”

With Barbie and other 1:6 scale dolls, I’ve found it can be tough to find earrings that aren’t too big.  Just about everything I own, even dainty pieces, are just massive on Eve.  That’s expected, I suppose, as she’s only 12” tall.

Unfortunately, official Barbie jewelry tends to be made of cheap plastic, and doesn’t look as realistic as I’d like.  There are quite a few shops on Etsy and EBay that have play scale jewelry that looks promising, but I have yet to order any of it.


The earrings asked about (pictured above) were purchased at Glitter in a three pair-pack:  faux diamond, pleated silver, and plain silver.

I also have a pair of gold earrings from the same shop:


If you decide to purchase earrings like this, please be aware that they are extremely delicate.  When I bent the earring back into a slight curve—which allows them to stay in place better—I had to be very gentle to avoid breaking them.

The pairs of studs (shown below) are from a local piercing shop, purchased for me as I have multiple earrings in each ear and hoops get tangled in my hair too easily.  Tiny studs aren’t as difficult to come by as hoops and other shapes, but as you can see they tend to “stick outward” a bit on the dolls.

2016-11-07-leopard01 eve

I think they worked out nicely, though, and hopefully I’m able to find more that work on her.  Recently, I discovered there are multiple shops with dainty nose-rings that tend to be smaller, and have a bent-shape back on them.  I haven’t tested any of them yet to see if they’ll work or not, but based on the quick once-over I think they might just do the trick.

Do you have any tips on where to get shiny goods for dolls?


  • Sorry, I have no idea. I look in fashionboutiques like H&M or in Cheap-Markets (like KIK).
    And I like you blog 🙂

    • Well, thank you 😀

      I’ve actually just finished writing a post (going up tomorrow) with an update on where to get earrings that are the perfect size 🙂 Eve now has lovely hoops.

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