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Holiday Party Look

It’s certainly party season.  I envy people who thrive on small talk that can walk onto a dance floor and totally dominate it.  While I enjoy parties in moderation—though certainly not hosting them, oh my goodness what a stress fest!—I’m not a big party-person.  I can’t seem to make small talk and I’ve always felt self-conscious when dancing.  At home, in my PJs, with only my dog to judge me—no problem, I’m the Dancing Queen—but in public?  Not so much.


Unfortunately, I have a mandatory dancing/making small talk event coming up on Friday that I’d completely forgotten about—the calendar on my phone reminded me to plan an outfit today.

Originally, I was supposed to go with three friends, which would make the whole thing much easier—and more fun.  Plans have changed, though, and now I’m going with one friend, who’s bringing her new girlfriend, and I can’t bring my guy because he’s out of town.


While I love planning party outfits, especially this holiday when the sparkly, shiny glam is welcome, I find attending the events stressful.  I decided I was working myself up over nothing and took a spa day yesterday, it really is so refreshing.  No chores, no errands, just pampering.  Even if all you have energy to do is relax at home, it’s important to give yourself a little time to recover from the pressure of the season.

holiday03 holiday01

I was feeling refreshed and decided to finish up a sewing project (the dress in this post) and wear it to the party Friday.  Perfect excuse to break out my big, sparkly earrings, too!

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