Holiday Decor Baskets with Faux Ice Crystals and Pinecones
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Holiday Cheer

This last week has been a little crazy; I’ve started prepping our place for Christmas.  I know Thanksgiving is barely over, but I’ve already got holiday music playing in the background as I type up this post and I’ve caught myself humming “Santa, Baby” more than once.

Bigger holidays, like Christmas and New Year’s, are generally spent with family, so we’re usually travelling throughout the latter half of December.  With so little time being spent at our place, there never seemed to be much point in getting a tree of our own, or really decorating at all.  This year, we’re staying home, and it’s my first year hosting a Christmas Eve dinner.  I’m nervous!


Food-wise it’s all sorted; each person has a different dish to bring, sort of a pot-luck.  I’ll be making a turkey, stuffing, and meat balls, my guy makes amazing cocoa—not the powdered kind, the good stuff with the slow-melted chocolate—and I have a cookie recipe I want to try.  Now that I think about it, I should probably make a batch beforehand, adding that to my “to do” list—yes, I have an actual list I’m working off of.


I’m happy to say the tree arrived earlier this week.  I know a lot of folks want a genuine tree for Christmas, but we decided on a fake tree; it’s just easier for condo-dwellers living several flights up, we can just store it when we’re not using it.  It’s actually quite beautiful, and it smells of pine; no idea how long the scent will last, but I’m enjoying it while it does.

Today was the start of the hunt for the perfect decorations.

The key to my shopping strategy is simple:  Kongens Nytorv.  Okay, that’s a metro stop, but it’s also right near the paradise that is Strøget, the pedestrian shopping street—you can find anything there!  The metro stop is also, quite literally, attached to Magasin, which is a fabulous multi-floored store with gorgeous decorations.  This year they’ve dedicated an entire room, with 3 parted spaces, to holiday decorations.  So much inspiration!


Thankfully, because I would have undoubtedly gone overboard otherwise, I didn’t have to solo shop today.  Remember that party I was anxious about?  Well, I met a fellow shopaholic and we instantly clicked, I spent most of the night talking her ear off.  I’ve agreed to help navigate her holiday gift list, and she helped me reign it in when I started down the path that ends with me convinced painting the walls red and green is a great idea.


Did I mention I’m nervous about hosting?

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