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Happy New Year!

I hope everyone’s holiday weekend was lovely.

After having everyone here for a few days, our place has felt so still and quiet…until now, that is.  Just as I sat down to write this, fireworks started.  It’s not dark out yet, and the New Year won’t officially start for a little over eight hours, but I guess people are excited, and it’s neat looking out my window to see a little pop of color just down the street.


We’ve got an intimate gathering to go to tonight, just a handful of friends having dinner.  The plan is to be home, in our PJs, cuddled under a nice warm blanket, watching the fireworks from our balcony when midnight strikes.  Not a bad way to start the new year.


Until then, though, I’ll be wearing this fun, frilly, colorful number.  Originally, I’d intended to wear my little black dress, but I wanted something a little more adventurous, and if you can’t glam out on New Year’s, when can you?


I hope everyone enjoys the fireworks!

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