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Curvy, Articulated Barbie

**Update Here**

I, for one, love that Mattel came out with curvy, tall, and petite Barbie.  The variety is nice, especially for those of us that don’t really do much in the way of body modification.  While it’s a step in the right direction, I’ve got a complaint:  the lack of articulation!

Now that I’ve experienced the range of poses that I can create with Eve, it’s not an option to “step backward” to the dolls with permanently set joints.  There have been a few pictures shared by Mattel that sport a curvy, articulated Barbie:

Click the picture for the official @BarbieStyle Instagram Account

Yet, as of today, there’s no announcement from Mattel regarding when this doll will become available, if at all.

I read a blog recently that said you could simply re-body the dolls onto a made-to-move body.  This works for head sculpts that you like, but it doesn’t actually give us a variety of body types anymore, which defeats the purpose.  And don’t even get me started on Ken!


  • Hey there! I just wanted to let you know of the first articulated curvy barbie is available from mattel. She is called Madam LaVinia (youtube it for a review) and she retails at $85 :0.. She is a collector’s doll. I will wait until a playline one comes out to purchase…. 🙂

    • Thank you for that. She has similar articulation to Willow and other fashion line dolls. I do wish her torso had a bit more articulation, and that her limbs bent more than they do, but it’s nice to see there’s at least some variety out there with a fuller figure.

    • Thank you for putting this out there, I’m very frustrated too. I bought two Lavinia’s, so I could have one to include in my Soulful Doll community. I restyled her to represent my Mother. I’ve transformed many curvy dolls, but I want them to strike a pose!

    • I would love to see more curvy, articulated dolls – and tall, petite, etc. I think it would be nice to see more diversity.

  • Hi there,
    Does anyone know if a playline curvy articulated doll has come out yet? ☺️

    • The only one I’ve found so far has been the one I mentioned here. I’ll keep my eyes peeled and, if there are more, I’ll post them when they appear.

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