Repainted OOAK Made to Move Asian and Redhead Barbie
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Introducing Anne

Originally, the plan was to have a single male doll repainted by Betty, but the best laid plans and all that jazz; before I knew it, I had three dolls on their way to Australia to get makeovers.  The package with the repainted versions of the dolls arrived earlier today and I took to social media right away, but I thought I should do a proper introduction here.  Besides, it gives me an excuse to take more pictures.

Red-headed made to move dolls have a cute face without having them repainted; the freckles are a nice touch and the eyes are pretty.  That being said, I’m not a fan of the ultra-pink lips, and she looked very plastic and fake in images posing with Eve.  I couldn’t bear to waste her articulation, or her carrot-colored locks, so I asked Betty if she could take inspiration from one of my favorite characters:  “Anne of Green Gables”, as portrayed by Meagan Follows.  The result, as with Eve, is fantastic.

As a bonus, because she also has a made to move body type, she already has access to Eve’s extensive, stylish wardrobe.  However, beyond giving Eve a friend, I don’t have any concrete plans for this lovely, freckle-spattered creature just yet.

I’ll introduce the other two dolls over the next few days.


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