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Date Night Look

I’m a big believer in appreciating your special someone throughout the year, not just on Valentine’s Day.  That being said, it’s a nice excuse for love notes, date night, or a weekend getaway.  Cole and I generally keep things pretty relaxed, just the two of us.  This year, though, Cole wants to take me out “somewhere nice”.

Now, Copenhagen is fairly laid back as far as clothing guidelines while eating out; a pair of jeans and a nice blouse would be ample for even the nicer restaurants.  Even so, I feel like I may need to dress it up a bit.

I always have the little black dress to fall back on if I feel the need, but today I thought I’d see what else I could put together.  I started with a black pencil skirt with black pumps, and decided to go through a few blouses to see what caught my fancy.  My favorite look, by far, was the addition of this cute blouse by Levitation Fashion.

The top adds a bit of a “country” feel to an otherwise neutral look.  The pattern, cut, and lace are all quite charming.  The maroon color seems to contrast with the feel of the blouse, but it works out perfectly.  The result is, to my eyes, irresistible.

While it might not be the outfit I choose to wear, it’s certainly a cute date night option, and those are never a bad thing to have on hand.

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