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Red & Leopard: Remix

Whether it’s the warm colors of this coat, or the pattern, I just love when it’s combined with pops of red, like this cute, crocheted cap, which has the added bonus of keeping me just a little bit warmer.  I know you can’t see it now, as the last two days have been a veritable heat wave at nearly five whole degrees above freezing, but we had snow for the better part of the last week.  Not quite spring weather just yet, much as I wish it were.

The last time I featured this coat, I was in search of the perfect pair of jeans, so I thought I’d go ahead and wear them today.  They’re my near-daily go-to because they’re so versatile and comfortable; I can also hide a pair of wool leggings beneath without adding too much bulk, win/win.

A quick shoe swap from my comfy flats and I can easily go from running errands to a dinner date.  I may need to order a second pair, as I’d rather not wear them out.

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