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Buyer’s Remorse

Every so often I fall into the trap of an impulse-buy; it’s not something I’m proud of as, more often than not, it doesn’t end well.  My tip:  Debate before your purchase, figure out where/when/if you’ll wear something, and if you’re still convinced you want it after a few days, then take the plunge.  Now, I just need to apply my tip to my own shopping practices.

The boots I’m going to show off today are, sadly, another example of an impulse buy gone wrong.  They looked so hot and stylish on the website, but when they arrived, I wondered what was I thinking?  These boots just aren’t me, at all!

OOAK-Barbie-Fashion Royalty-Black-Thigh-High-Fashion-Boots-Accessories

I tend to stick to flats and low heels, and I never wear platforms, not because sky high heels and platforms aren’t sexy or stylish—they absolutely can be—but because I have the balance of a drunken toddler.  I can, quite literally, trip over my own feet; any additional mobility challenges are to be avoided whenever possible.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to move around a lot for the pictures you see here.  I’m glad there’s no video of me trying to walk in these things; I was teetering, and Cole regularly had to step in to avoid me sprawling on the floor.

OOAK-Barbie-Fashion Royalty-Black-Thigh-High-Fashion-Boots-Accessories

OOAK-Barbie-Fashion Royalty-Black-Thigh-High-Fashion-Boots-Accessories

Surprisingly, I had a lot of fun putting this outfit together today.  With boots like these, I needed something fairly short, but I also wanted to make sure I wasn’t showing too much; this turtleneck sweater seemed like the right call to make.  It ended up being a very ‘70’s mod look, which I love.  I felt like “Agent Lotta Danger”, played by the fabulous Poppy Parker, a very Bond girl vibe going on.

While I think the pictures, and the outfit, both turned out nicely, I’m still not entirely comfortable with the risk of flashing my unmentionables if I move just wrong, that’s a little too dangerous for me.


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