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Expectation vs Reality

I really aim to try and keep things light and fun here on the blog, but today I’m just plain disappointed.  Have you ever ordered something and gotten something very different in the mail?  Perhaps it was a misleading picture or description, or even both?  If not, you’re lucky.  For the most part, I’ve been lucky, too…but not today.

This the official image of the “Peachy Pastel Peasant Top” that I ordered:

Falsely advertised barbie blouse

The puffy sleeves are a little on the cutesy side for me, but I loved the mint green bodice, dappled with darker green, pink, and peach.  The peachy pink ribbon and the appearance of folded fabric in the bodice sold me on it, and I placed my order.  Unfortunately, that’s not what arrived…

Maybe I’m colorblind, but this does not look peachy to me…at all.  Without the lovely colors, it’s just a little too adorable for me.

I’m very disappointed, and looking for ways to possibly salvage this blouse, though I’m not quite sure it’s possible.

At least with the boots I ordered that weren’t my style, the pictures weren’t misleading at all.

Still, if this is the biggest annoyance I’m facing today, I’m pretty darn lucky.


  • Oh no… that’s disappointing! But funny in a way… When I just read the title and the first sentences, I immediately thought you ordered the pinkt version and got a yellowish, kinda aged version. To be blunt, it’s actually better this way, cuz the actual top looks “clean”. And there might be a solution to accomplish the peach look after all! Have you ever tea or coffee dyed something? I did that last year to softly tone down a white fabric with floral print.
    Here’s a link to a picture of it:

    There should be plenty of tutorials on how to dye with tea or coffee. The satin part of your top will change for sure and I’d guess even the pink tulle sleeves might tone down.

    • LOL. I know it looks more “clean” than the less peachy counterpart, but the colors just don’t work for me, at all. I’ll look into the tea and coffee dying thing, that’s a great idea, thank you for it. Fingers crossed!

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