Repainted Skateboarder Made to Move Barbie wearing Grey Mini Dress posed with Repainted Redhead Made to Move Barbie
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Introducing: Nomi

It’s time for another set of introductions; it’s official:  I’m addicted to repainted Barbie dolls.

This doll has an articulated, made-to-move body like Eve and Anne.  Pre-repaint, they’ve managed to make a very pretty doll; one of my favorites, in fact.  She has fantastic hair, her factory paint is flattering, and she sports the head sculpt of a curvy, fashionista Barbie.  Why they have yet to come out with the tall, curvy, and petite dolls with made-to-move, articulated bodies is beyond me.  But that’s a rant for another day; this post is to introduce Nomi.

Before & After Repainted OOAK Custom Skateboard Barbie

When I contacted my go-to for all things repaint, Betty of all the little dolls, I asked her to draw inspiration from the stunning, Indian actress, Aishwarya Rai.  While the lovely actresses’ actual hair is much darker, I knew her light-colored eyes would be delightful when combined with the doll’s brown and gold highlighted hair.  She’s a wonderful addition to my small, but growing, community of repainted Barbies.

Nomi’s back-story, like with all dolls other than Eve, is still on the fuzzy side.  Maybe she’ll work at a private art gallery, which is something I have a little experience with myself (just one summer, but it counts!).

What I do know is that her sense of style will be similar to that of “Kala Dandekar” from the TV series “Sense8” and “Felicity Smoak”, from the TV series “Arrow”.  Namely, she isn’t afraid to show off her figure and she wears a great deal of dresses and pencil skirts – which happen to be some of the easiest and most readily available items for Barbie; win/win.

I mentioned, in a post long before I even discovered Anne, that one of Eve’s un-named friends was bringing “her new girlfriend” to a party (the post is here).  I decided Anne was that friend; her personality is very loosely based on an actual friend of mine, who married their (now) wife earlier this year.  I wasn’t entirely sure that Nomi was the right doll for the role, but after taking photos, seeing how easy and natural Anne and she look together, it’s official.  I’ve coupled them up.

If you think this is the only doll I’ll be introducing in the near future, you’d be wrong…


  • She’s really lovely. I love your customized Barbie’s – there’s such a range of characters underneath those painted on faces.

    • Betty, the artist who creates them, is really talented. I’m so much happier with these dolls than I would be with generic painted dolls.

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  • Ah… the new Curvy mold is so beautiful and has so much potential. Nomi turned out gorgeously! Her sun tan is amazing and her eyes – wow!

    • She looks like she’s ready for a kiss 🙂

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