Repainted OOAK Custom Purple Haired Fashionista Barbie and Repainted Black Haired Made to Move Barbie
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Introducing: Heather

When Nomi was fully finished, as I waited for the listing to be made available, I was checking out Betty’s Etsy shop.  As so often happens, she had some beautiful dolls posted, including Heather.

Described by her creator as an aspiring artist who uses color to express herself—both in her clothing and her incredible, lilac hair—I knew she’d find a good home with me.  She’s one of those dolls I simply couldn’t pass up.

Before & After Repainted OOAK Custom Purple Haired Fashionista Barbie

Like Willow she has a fashionista style body, which means she’s a bit slimmer, and sadly has less articulation.  I will probably end up re-bodying her lovely head at some point, but for now she’ll keep her slender build.

I like the variety of body types (even though it causes some minor issues with clothing sharing), I just wish they were all equally pose-able.  I know you’ve heard this complaint from me countless times, but I’m hoping that some day, the folks at Mattel will hear the cries for variety, and spoil us with articulated dolls of all shapes, sizes, and genders.  Granted, it would mean a little more measuring for different clothing sizes, but it would be a small price to pay.  Fingers crossed.  I’m trying to hold out on buying the curvy, tall, and petite dolls until they at least come with fashionista-level articulation…but I’m starting to lose my resolve.

Anyway, back to Heather.

As you can see from the small group of repainted dolls I have most have hair color that, more or less, falls into the “normal-ish” category—I’m fairly certain Nomi would need to dye her hair to get those highlights, and I’m not entirely sure Anne’s brand of red is possible without involving chemical help of some sort.  Heather’s whimsically colorful tresses, though, are a first for me.  I love the fresh, care-free cut, too; it’s one I’ve been considering for myself for quite some time.  As much as I like her hair, it’s actually not my favorite feature on this doll.

She also has beautiful eyes, thick lashes, perfectly shaped brows, an adorable button nose with the slightest hint of freckles dancing from cheek to cheek—no doubt, she’s a knockout.  My favorite feature on her lovely face, though, is that smile.  Who wouldn’t want this doll?  I would have freaked out as a kid to have the option of a doll like this…okay, I’m an adult and, while I’m not freaking out, I’m certainly excited to have her, and I was very impatient waiting for the mail.

I’ve got some ideas on how to work her into the story, but nothing is set in stone just yet.  I’m glad to have another friend for Eve.  As to her sense of style, so far it’s random and eclectic, with a bit of a punk twist.  That may change, I’d like to let it evolve naturally.


  • Heather is sooo special and rare! It’s not just the hair, it’s the expression in her eyes. There is so much personality in it, I can almost hear her thinking. And yes, I can totally see her as an artist, too. Not restricted to one medium only, but someone who loves to do a variety of artworks from sculpture, to body art, landscaping and photography.

    • Exactly what I was thinking; a jack of all trades and a master of none. I love her face. I still think I’ll eventually transfer her to a more flexible body, though.

  • I have that Barbie head on a Made to Move body. It was one of the second wave of Made to Moves that is dressed like a soccer player and comes with a soccer ball. The skintone on that M2M body is nearly an exact match to the lavender-haired head. Another close skintone match (actually a closer match, but she’s harder to find at a low price these days) is the first wave brunette Made to Move doll that had the blue top. I got my original doll (lavender hair) from my daughter, who also had the same hair color and a similar hair style at the time, which is why she picked that one out to give me. Since my daughter is also an artsy sort and loves to change her hair color every chance she gets, I have discovered that Crayola washable markers will work on light-colored Barbie hair if your Heather ever wants to experiment with, say, lavender with blue ombre tips or something. (And it washes out with soap and water, or eventually fades like actual colored dyes do.)

    • Thank you for the tip about the hair dye, ombre hair is so in style right now. Poor eve will have to miss out unless I re-root her, but well. I’ll have to look into the washable markers, maybe even Willow can get a streak or two 😀

      I didn’t even know there were first wave vs second wave of the made to move dolls, erg, I’m so out of touch. Very cool about your daughter, I wish I had her courage, my hair has only ever had a few highlights in it and nothing too fancy or fun. I’m sorely tempted to get rainbow highlights for fun the next time I have my hair done, but I’m getting a little old to be so fanciful.

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