OOAK Made to Move Black Hair Barbie wearing tee shirt and jeans - Introducing Officewear Capsule
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I got the job!

Oh my goodness, these last few weeks have been crazy for me.  I got the job!  You’re looking at the new office manager/junior programmer in training for a small tech company.  Oh yeah, baby.  I’ll be earning more than double my current salary!

I’m so glad that April and a small bit of May were spent experimenting with a capsule wardrobe; it’s about to pay off.  I have two blazers, two pairs of dress slacks, and three pencil skirts—I’m going to need to alternate them like crazy.  Thankfully, business casual is ample for Danish offices—we’re not in London, after all.  I might even be able to get away with jeans, so long as I wear a blazer in combination and a nice blouse (like I did here and here).

Introducing Officewear Capsule

The impulse to buy new clothes has to be ignored, my priority is finding a larger living space.  I miss having room enough for all of my things, and I so miss having the privacy to plod around in my birthday suit if I so choose.  Until it’s sorted, no more shopping for me!

It’s not exactly a capsule wardrobe because I’m not limiting myself to twelve (or below) pieces total; in fact, I’m going to have everything you see here along with all of the items hiding in my dresser.  The rest of my clothes are tucked away in a suitcase, hidden in a storage facility.  I can’t wait to get them back!

Introducing Officewear Capsule

Introducing Officewear Capsule

Introducing Officewear Capsule

As for my previous position, if you’re wondering about the shop and the Pedersons, I’ve left them in extremely qualified hands.  One of the people who applied to replace me is a design major and an artist, she actually brought her portfolio with her, I think the shop is about to get an upgrade in window displays.  We were supposed to have a brief interview over coffee, but Heather and I got to chatting like a pair of old friends and we hung out for nearly an hour before I had to get back to work.  She’s joining Anne, Willow, Nomi and I for brunch next weekend, it should be a lot of fun.

OOAK Black Hair Made to Move Barbie wearing Black Tee and Jeans - Introducing Officewear Capsule

Anyway, that’s my update for now.  I’ll have some looks for the office posted in the coming weeks.

(An update for the author:  As unrealistic and unlikely as it seems—twenty days into my job hunt I was offered and accepted a nice paying position.  Very lucky.)

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