Black Hair Repainted OOAK Made to Move Barbie Wearing Blazer, Tee Shirt, and Jeans with Gold Accessories
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The Black Blazer

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The blazer: season-less, timeless and chic. I’ve been looking for one since last autumn; considering they’re a staple in just about everyone’s wardrobe, you’d think they’d be easy to find for, well, everyone.  I know I did.
I was wrong.

Now, it’s not like there aren’t options for blazers, but not quite the one I was looking for.

ooak barbie ootd featuring green and pink floral jacket and crochet skirt
Autumn & Winter, Dressy, Outfits, Spring & Summer, Style

Texture Mixing and Florals

I’m beginning to forget what the sky looks like; we’ve had near permanent cloud cover here for more than week.  It looks more like a giant, light grey blanket overhead than anything else.  I feel, more than ever, like I need to embrace light, fun, spring looks.
Also still in the process of finding my Valentines date look, so I’m doing my best to keep it at least polished, if not dressy.