Repainted OOAK Custom Purple Haired Fashionista Barbie and Repainted Black Haired Made to Move Barbie
Beauty, Doll Details, Doll Modifications

Introducing: Heather

When Nomi was fully finished, as I waited for the listing to be made available, I was checking out Betty’s Etsy shop.  As so often happens, she had some beautiful dolls posted, including Heather.
Described by her creator as an aspiring artist who uses color to express herself—both in her clothing and her incredible, lilac hair—I knew she’d find a good home with me.

Repainted OOAK Made to move Asian and Festival Fashionista Barbie
Beauty, Doll Details, Doll Modifications

Introducing Willow

Repainted by the incredibly talented Betty, the woman behind all the little dolls, Willow was originally a “Festival Barbie” from the Fashion Look series of 2016.  Both Eve and Anne sport made to move bodies, whereas this doll has a fashionista figure.  As it turns out, there are some significant differences that I didn’t notice before I began posing her.