Plastic to Fantastic Barbie Accessory Makeover Set One DIY Before & After
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From Plastic to Fantastic: Barbie Accessory Makeover

As you’ve undoubtedly noticed by now, I like buying custom pieces for my dioramas (here and here).  I find they add a dash of realism to Eve’s world, while simultaneously offering a little support to the skilled artisans that create them.  That being said, custom pieces, or even pieces that don’t rely heavily on plastic, can be quite expensive.

OOTD on OOAK Barbie, Utility Jacket with Hand Sewn Monochrome Mini Dress and Leggings 04
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Utility Jackets for the Win

I found this material on what was supposed to be a strictly browsing trip to the fabric store; it was too cute to pass up, but it’s been so busy around here lately that it’s taken me a while to get around to sharing it on the blog.  While the weather is still far too cold for it, I decided to make a short, summer style dress and simply add layers.