Eve Wearing Home Made Billowy Sleeve Retro Floral Pattern Blouse with Stonewash Jeans and Pearl Heels
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Billowy Sleeves by Eve

I found a gorgeous blouse online that I just loved, but my budget didn’t love the price tag.  Emboldened by the nice result I’d gotten with this maxi dress, I decided to go ahead and use the same material to try and replicate the top.

While the sewing is far from perfect—visible seams that aren’t always even—I think the overall look came out pretty nice.

OOAK Barbie and Superman Repaint
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Wonderful Valentine’s

Cole humored me earlier and posed for a few outfit photos; I’m glad he did, it’s a rare thing when I get to post about men’s fashion.  He chose to pattern mix today because he felt it looked good together—and he’s absolutely right.  He looks particularly dashing in this vest, doesn’t he?  It’s such a great way to add polish to a simple shirt and jeans combination.