Playscale Barbie wooden wardrobe, full, colorful clothing and accessories
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Storage Solutions

Since I re-ignited my passion for Barbie—or, at least for the repainted made-to-move dolls like Eve, Anne, and Willow—I’ve accumulated quite a few outfits.  I can’t believe I’m about to share this with you, it’s so embarrassing, but this is how I’ve been storing most of the clothes:

Yes, it’s just a large, hard plastic box.

Repainted OOAK Made to Move Asian Barbie in Reading Window Diorama Set
Decor, Home

Eve’s Reading Window

I’ve always been a fan of window seats, but never lived in a place that had one.  I’m so pleased I get to decorate Eve’s living space to my heart’s desire…well, within budget, that is.