OOAK Repainted Black Hair Made to Move Barbie Wearing White Cotton Summer Dress and LOVE Pendant
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Sweet Summer Dress

I’m in the process of packing our suitcases; Cole has to travel for work, he’s leaving tomorrow and he’ll be gone a full two weeks.  The girls and I are having a stay-cation of sorts; we’re renting a place on the coast until next Friday.  It’s about an hour by train from home, but I’m looking forward to falling asleep listening to the sounds of the ocean.

OOAK Repainted Black Hair Made to Move Barbie Wearing Gold Accessories, Green Scarf, and Lace Blouse
Outfits, Spring & Summer, Style

Spoiled For Choice: Delicate Spring

I am such a silly creature.  Today is the first outfit post since the capsule wardrobe challenge ended.  I was so looking forward to having my vast empire of clothing at my disposal once more, but when the moment of truth came, staring into my full-to-bursting closet, I started thinking about the hundreds, if not thousands, of combinations waiting for me there.  It was a little overwhelming.