Playscale Barbie wooden wardrobe, full, colorful clothing and accessories
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Storage Solutions

Since I re-ignited my passion for Barbie—or, at least for the repainted made-to-move dolls like Eve, Anne, and Willow—I’ve accumulated quite a few outfits.  I can’t believe I’m about to share this with you, it’s so embarrassing, but this is how I’ve been storing most of the clothes:

Yes, it’s just a large, hard plastic box.

Repainted OOAK Made to Move Asian Barbie in Reading Window Diorama Set
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Eve’s Reading Window

I’ve always been a fan of window seats, but never lived in a place that had one.  I’m so pleased I get to decorate Eve’s living space to my heart’s desire…well, within budget, that is.

Playscale Diorama Accessories Faux Dough and Cookies with Miniature Cookie Cutters
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Happy Holidays!

Our place smells delicious.  It’s a blend of turkey, stuffing, gravy, pine from the tree, hot cocoa, warm cider, and of course freshly baked cookies.  It’s intoxicating, and it’s impossible not to get swept in the nostalgia of the holiday.