curvy articulated fashionista barbie
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New Curvy, Articulated Barbie

There is a newly released articulated, curvy Barbie.

Based on the pictures, my guess is that she’s got equal articulation with the fashionista line of dolls, and she isn’t as articulated as the made-to-move line.  However, it’s a step in the right direction.
I found her on (click here), but she’s also on Walmart’s website (click here).

OOAK Made to Move Barbie Wearing Boho Spring OOTD with green and rainbow
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Bohemian Spring

It’s official:  I’ve been letting my whimsy carry me away; first with the expression of spring, and now I’ve fully embraced a boho moment.

Most of my looks start out with something neutral—a blouse, typically—that I can build around and a vibe I’d like to express.  Today, however, was all about the accessories.  It all started with this pretty rainbow scarf.