Capsule Wardrobe # 23 - 25

Capsule Wardrobe # 23 - 25

I had plans for a relaxing end to the month; you know what they say about the best laid plans, though. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before or not, but I work part-time at a little mom and pop store—herbs, spices, plants, and amazing organic shampoos—more than I’d like of my pay check goes straight back into store, though I have long-ago stopped adopting plants that’ll just end up dead on my shelves. 

Anyway, the two owners check in at the shop from time to time, but they’re both older and have a tough time getting around, so the bulk of the work falls on the shoulders of myself and two others on staff. We all pitch in equally behind the counter, handling stock, placing orders, cleaning up, and so on and so forth—it’s a very friendly atmosphere.

Or, at least, that was the case until last week, when one of the two decided to quit with no notice given.

OOAK barbie made to move repaint - Plastically Perfect - OOTD capsule wardrobe outfit 23, pic 02.jpg

Mette—that’s my co-worker that remains—is a university student, so she’s unable to take more than five hours of our former colleague’s full-time schedule; which means that, until we find a replacement, the rest of his schedule has fallen to me. Suddenly, I jumped from twenty-odd hours a week to nearly sixty!

Not only have I increased in hours, I’ve been having to cover first my part-time morning shift that starts at 8am, and then taking my former co-workers evening shift, closing up the shop in the evenings.  It’s been exhausting!

Thankfully today was a scheduled day off, so I got to sleep in; but even after a full eight hours, I’m still feeling drained and sluggish. With it being spring, sunset is later in the day than the customary afternoon darkness that marks our winters—unfortunately, I only managed to get home in time two nights this week to snag any photos.

But hey, a little is better than none, yes?  I’ll assume you agree – and hey, we’re still on target for meeting our thirty looks in thirty days goal.

OOAK barbie made to move repaint - Plastically Perfect - OOTD capsule wardrobe outfit 24, pic 02.jpg

Mr. Pedersen—that’s the shop owner—is interviewing people this week, and I’m hoping he gets someone that’s able/willing to work at least twenty-five hours; I’m willing to retain full-time, just not full-time with part-time on top. It leaves me with so little time otherwise.

Today’s plan: I’m hitting the gym, then taking Krull to the leash-free park. We usually make the three mile walk three times a week; unfortunately, I’ve had so little time, that most of the walking requirements have fallen to Cole. He’s not a fan of the leash-free park as he doesn’t care for the other dogs jumping on him, depositing their fur and mud on him, so this will be the first trip to the leash-free area for our little fur ball this week.

Of course, if my primary concern is having a job rather than being able to keep a roof overhead (Cole can handle it, financially, if he has to), I know how lucky I really am. I hope everyone else is doing well. And yes, these were all outfits from the capsule wardrobe, and, as you can clearly see, they’re all very basic and very, very comfort-centric.

Just what I needed :)

OOAK barbie made to move repaint - Plastically Perfect - OOTD capsule wardrobe outfit 25, pic 01.jpg
OOAK barbie made to move repaint - Plastically Perfect - OOTD capsule wardrobe outfit 25, pic 02.jpg

We’re down to needing just five outfits in five days – will we manage? I think so ;)

Thanks for stopping in.

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