curvy articulated fashionista barbie
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New Curvy, Articulated Barbie

There is a newly released articulated, curvy Barbie.

Based on the pictures, my guess is that she’s got equal articulation with the fashionista line of dolls, and she isn’t as articulated as the made-to-move line.

OOAK Made to Move Black Hair Barbie Wearing Black pumps, black slacks, white lace blouse, and an olive blazer
Capsule Wardrobe, Professional, Style

Worst First Day…

Warning:  This post has some colorful language.
Today was my very first day at the office.  I took the outfit pictures you’ll see below before heading to work, so what you see is a hopeful, slightly nervous, but mostly enthusiastic woman in a stylish, professional ensemble.  I think it’ll make a nice visual while I let this story unfold.