Happy Birthday (part two)

Happy Birthday (part two)

We decided to go out last night and let off some steam / celebrate my birthday…

woah, did we ever!

This is the one group photo we have of the night, just as the sun was starting to set.

OOAK-Repainted-Barbies-Made-to-Move-Skater-Fashionista-Eveningwear-Celebration 01.jpg

Anne could see where things were going and insisted everyone surrender their phone into her tender care for the evening. Considering how silly we all got as the night progressed - there was a lot of alcohol involved, which is not typical of our group - it’s probably for the best.

Before heading out for the evening, I got a few pictures of my fantastic outfit - which I almost had to be crisco’d into, but it does look nice, doesn’t it?


I’m not sure I made the right choice with the boots, but I wanted to give an “edge” to what would otherwise be evening wear. The floral is lovely, as are the dramatic sleeves. The slit in up to the thigh I wasn’t so sure about, but I didn’t want this dress to be another “I’m too shy to wear it” outfit. So, here I am!


It was a lot of fun, though the hangover today is really putting a damper on my Saturday. I hope everyone else made smarter decisions for their weekend :)

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