OOAK Black Hair Made to Move Barbie wearing Olive Blazer White Lace Blouse and Jeans - Late Summer Layers
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Late Summer Layers

In early 2016, Cole and I took a vacation to Thailand; it was my first time there.  We spent a week in Bangkok and a week in paradise, aka Ko Phra Tong.  I’m usually a little nervous about trying out new foods, especially spicy stuff, but the street vendors certainly know what they’re doing.  I discovered the wonder of Pad See Ew, stir-fried noodles, and I was hooked instantly.

OOAK Repainted Black Hair Made to Move Barbie Wearing White Cotton Summer Dress and LOVE Pendant
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Sweet Summer Dress

I’m in the process of packing our suitcases; Cole has to travel for work, he’s leaving tomorrow and he’ll be gone a full two weeks.  The girls and I are having a stay-cation of sorts; we’re renting a place on the coast until next Friday.  It’s about an hour by train from home, but I’m looking forward to falling asleep listening to the sounds of the ocean.